SilverRock Jinx

Storm Kloud’s Quite RIght x White Paws Emerald Lady
D.O.B. February 21, 1999 – April 2000
Breeder: Holly Horton
Reg No. None
Color: Gray & White
Weight: 80#
Height: 25″

Jinx lying in the snow

Jinx was my first Alaskan malamute and Easter present in 1999. We located a litter of puppies through the newspaper. My ex-husband and I drove out to look at two litters. I liked a different puppy, who seemed more out going and social. We brought hone the puppy my ex preferred, who was timid and less gregarious…at least that’s what we thought!
At home we soon found out our shy puppy had only been shy because he hadn’t been feeling well. The next few days we spent a lot of time cleaning up runny messes in the house. This marked the beginning of my adventure with Alaskan malamutes and their sock and underwear eating.

We raised Jinx and Bear through puppyhood and partway through the adolescence together. Around a year and a half I realized we couldn’t keep both dogs because Jinx and Bear both wanted the Alpha position. This issue resulted in many fights between my two dogs.

Eventually, I made the hard decision to let one of my malamutes go. I took Bear to the Humane Society in the that someone would come along and adopt him.