SilverRock’s Imhotep
Thunder XXIX x Lady Sheba Sandboothe
D.O.B. February 23, 2002 – September 18, 2005
Breeder: Antonio Rios
Reg. No: ILP10019
Color: Sable & White
Weight: 125#
Height: 27″

Imhotep up Millcreek

Imhotep was my altered three and and a half, sable & white male Alaskan malamute. As a puppy it was determined he had chryptorchidism, so i had t have him neutered. Unable to show Imhotep, i applied to the AKC for an ILP# (Indefinite Listing Privilege) which allowed me to compete with him in obedience, agility and other non- confirmation type competitions.

Imhotep was named after the character from the 1999 Universal Studios movie The Mummy. He earned his Beginner’s Obedience Certificate. Imhotep was my buddy. He especially loved to run and I could always count on him to run with me at 5:30am. I know had it not been for Imhotep, I would never have made it through Utah’s P.O.S.T. He kept me going all the time. I dedicate this page to the best running pal a girl could ever have.